GG2 Awards

dateThursday 10th October 2019

locationCentral London

Nominations are open



Firmly established as the premier awards for inclusion, diversity and leadership in the UK, the GG2 Leadership Awards will take place on Thursday 10th October 2019 to better recognise Britain’s great cultural diversity. Over 700 guests from all walks of life come together, senior politicians, influential business leaders, and military personnel mix with celebrities from the arts, film, TV and sport to celebrate and recognise Britain’s most enterprising and talented black, Asian and minority ethnic high achievers.

Twenty years ago, the climate could not have been more different. Institutional racism had yet to be defined as a term, but we all knew it existed. There were very few or none black or Asian figures whether it be in policing, law, government or in the boardrooms of corporate Britain. It was in this backdrop that the GG2 Leadership Awards were launched - to shine a light on the extraordinary but hidden talent that lay within ethnic minority communities. Today diversity is very much a buzzword, but two decades ago, it was just a phrase barely uttered in boardrooms of the City or in the corridors of power in Whitehall. It’s been one of Asian Media Group’s primary missions to give a voice to ethnic communities, to showcase talent and to celebrate success. And the GG2 Leadership Awards has been doing just that for two decades.

From medicine, the law and the uniformed services to entrepreneurship and philanthropy, the greatest achievements of individuals are those that benefit us all. The GG2 Leadership Awards spotlights remarkable people who use their talents for the greater good. They come from all walks of life and contribute in many fields - whether that be education, medicine, the arts, politics, law or the local community. Be a part of our celebration of diversity in multicultural Britain.

Check out the categories for the 2019 GG2 Leadership Awards and start your winning entry. Nominations will close on Friday 21st June 2019 at 6.00pm.

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