GG2 Awards

dateWednesday 24th October 2018

locationCentral London

Judges 2016

Christine Lee
Director, Christine Lee & Co.

Madam Christine Lee is a renowned British Chinese Solicitor in the UK. With her strong love of her motherland China and her solid morals as a devout practicing Christian, Madam Christine Lee has worked tirelessly to promote British Chinese rights and to nurture relations between China and the UK for years. Through her tremendous dedication, contribution and vision, Madam Christine Lee has earned credibility and respect on a global scale.

To Promote British Chinese rights

Madam Christine Lee is the Legal Advisor to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK; the Executive Member of the Chinese Judicial Studies Association and the Executive Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Chinese in Britain Group. Founded by Madam Christine Lee, Christine Lee & Co Solicitors has offered professional legal service to British Chinese and pays close attention to the new UK policies which will influence the rights of British Chinese. It is the first British Chinese law firm authorised by Ministry of Justice of P.R.China to operate an office in mainland China. Madam Christine Lee has tremendous achievements in fighting the interests and legal rights for the British Chinese through judicial process. In 2005, she and her team succeeded in persuading British Government to amend articles against rights of British Chinese on Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill.

Christine Lee established a non-profit organization --British Chinese Project in 2006. The project aims at encouraging British Chinese to participate in British political activities such as vote and supporting talents of British Chinese to take part in politics and providing British Chinese a stage to speak out and express their ideas. British Chinese Project facilitates a number of governmental reports to the All-Party Parliamentary Chinese in Britain Group in the UK, highlighting the needs of the British Chinese community. Christine Lee also set up a charity called UK North London Chinese Association to offer community service to local Chinese. Recently, she set up and launched the ‘British Chinese Hong Kong Network’ to provide the British Hong Kong Chinese, returning to Hong Kong, with guidance and assistance in integrating back into Hong Kong society, both socially and politically; in addition to playing a positive role in promoting Chinese UK relations.

Nurturing UK Chinese Relations on Law, Politics, Trade and Investment and Culture

Christine Lee is using her personal influence industriously to acts as a go-between for communication and cooperation of politics, laws, economy, trade and culture between China and the UK over many years. She has given advice and suggestions to construction of Chinese legal system based on her personal experience as the only executive member from Europe of the Chinese Judicial Studies Association and organised welcome events, communication and PR events for various delegations of China’s government when they visit the UK. Due to her efforts, she has gained unanimous praises. In order to help more small and medium enterprise to invest overseas, Christine Lee formed a team of professionals with strong patriotism to convoy the investment, IPO, Merge & Acquisition in the UK. Her contribution on the development of UK-China relations has been highly praised by leaders of China government and the UK government and she has met with key leaders of the two country including Chinese President Xi Jinping, China’s Premier Li Keqiang and British Prime Minister David Cameron.